Elegant Objects (EO) is an object-oriented programming paradigm that renounces traditional techniques like null, getters-and-setters, code in constructors, mutable objects, static methods, annotations, type casting, implementation inheritance, data objects, etc.

Books: Object Thinking; Elegant Objects (vol.1 and vol.2).

Online: Telegram chat.

Videos: OOP is Dead! Long Live OODD! by David West; Java vs OOP by @yegor256.

Blog posts: ORM Is an Offensive Anti-Pattern by @yegor256; Seven Virtues of a Good Object by @yegor256.

Languages: EO (experimental).



Products: jare.io, wring.io, jpeek.org.

If your project is maintained well and designed with the EO spirit in mind, please submit it to the annual quality award and win $4,096.


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